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Pumpkin Seed Oil

About this item

    A Potent Elixir for Health and Beauty!

    • Rich in Antioxidants for Radiant Skin
    • Supports Hair Growth and Strength
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Cucurbita pepo. Cold-pressing extracts oil. Pumpkin seed oil is a rich, dark green oil with a nutty flavor. Pumpkin seed oil has numerous benefits in skincare, haircare, and personal care. It is high in vitamins and minerals, making it ideal for nourishing, hydrating, and smoothing rough skin on the face and body.

Skin and hair care:

Pumpkin seed oil has nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is also used in cosmetic and skincare products. It can be found in lotions, moisturizers, soaps, and hair care products. Pumpkin seed oil is thought to promote healthy skin and hair by providing essential nutrients, promoting hydration, and aiding in maintaining a balanced complexion.

Antioxidant properties:

Pumpkin seed oil contains antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids, which protect the body's cells from free radical oxidative damage. Antioxidants are important for overall health and may reduce inflammation.

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