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Organic Zing Amla Powder

About this item

    • Excellent for hair, skin, and health
    • Great source of iron, calcium, and protein
    • Enhanes digestion and immunity
    • Contains Vitamin C
    • 100% USDA Certifed Organic
    • Natural and pure amla powder
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Scientific Name - Emblica officinalis
Flavor - Sour, bitter, and may be pungent
Other Names - Indian gooseberry
Uses - As a spice or flavoring agent

Amla powder is obtained from from naturally grown and dried up Amla (Emblica officinalis) or Indian Gooseberry. Amla powder contains dietary fibers, calcium, iron, and protein. The powder is rich in antioxidants. Thus, benefits your body, skin, and hair in various ways. One can use Organic Amla Powder in different cuisines, including sauces, dips, chutneys, lentils, and more. 

Adding Organic Zing Amla Powder in your dishes or food can give a tangy, astringent, and slightly bitter taste. It is one of the base ingredients of Indian pickles, stews, and soups. Using this nutritional powder in your daily diet can improve your digestive health, aids in weight loss, and lower cholestrol levels. 

Amla powder is rich in gallic acid, ascorbic acid, and phenolic compounds. Thus, consuming it helps boosts your immune system. The powder contains abundant amount of Vitamin C, which can enhance your skin and hair health.

 Amla Powder Benefits

  • Organic Zing Amla Powder is the purest form of Vitamin C that makes the blood vessels thicker and stronger.
  • Consuming this healthy powder helps regulate cholestrol levels that can enhance your heart health.
  • It is rich in antioxidants and therefore, benefits your skin. It fights against the free radicals and also prevents cell damage.
  • Consuming amla powder by mixing it in water can also be a home remedy for stomach-related issues, including indigestion and hyperacidity.
  • Incorporating Organic Zing Amla Powder also gives you glowing and nourished skin. It can prevent the skin from dehydration.
  • One can take amla powder with a tablespoon of honey. It can work as a blood purifier.
  • Amla powder also has anti-aging properties. Thus, including it in your diet may reduce early aging signs.

Uses of Amla Powder

  • One can drink Amla powder by mixing it with water to minimize digestive issues.
  • You can add Organic Zing Amla Powder in lentil (Dal), soups, curries, or stews to add a sour or pungent flavor to it.
  • Amla powder can also be used to make chutneys, sauces, or dips.
  • You can also apply amla powder on your hair or scalp after mixing it with water. It may reduce dandruff and enhance hair appearance.
  • Mix Organic Zing Amla Powder in a glass of fresh juice. It can enhance the flavor of the juice and also help in weight loss.

Amla Powder

Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla is an ancient fruit indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. Amla powder is made from the ground-up leaves of the Indian gooseberry. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, and calcium.

Organic Amla Powder for Hair Growth - Organiczing
Organic Amla Powder for Hair Growth - Organiczing

Flavor Profile:

The Indian Gooseberry is an uncommon balance of sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter flavors. The sourberry flavor balances well with yogurt, milk, and coconut cream for smoothies. It is said that drinking water after consuming Amla makes the water taste sweet.

Why Choose Organic Zing?

100% Natural Amla Powder from Organic Zing is the superior choice for your health and well-being. Sourced from certified organic farms, it ensures purity and avoids harmful pesticides or chemicals. This nutrient-packed powder is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential minerals, promoting stronger immunity, radiant skin, and improved digestion. 

With its eco-friendly packaging, Organic Zing also commits to sustainable practices. Trust in our premium quality, and experience the countless benefits of organic amla in a convenient, easy-to-use form. Make the responsible and health-conscious choice with Organic Zing's 100% Natural Amla Powder for a naturally vibrant and sustainable lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organic Zing Amla Powder is good for digestion, heart, skin, hair, and rejuvenating your system.

Yes, organic zing amla powder is good for hair. Applying Amla powder hair mask can repair damage and reduce damage from environment stressors.

One can consume ½ to 1 tablespoons of Organic Amla Powder daily.

Yes, it is safe to take amla powder daily.

One can drink amla powder by mixing ½ tablespoon of the powder in cold or lukewarm water.

Product details

Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer / Packer / Importer : Linkers
Address: B-48, Second Floor, Rama Rd, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area, New Delhi 110015
Net Quantity: 227g
Item Dimensions LxWxH:  (10.5 x 6.5 x 21)
MRP (Rs):  567

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good taste and healthy

For the first time ordered from Organic zing. and their amla powder has a good taste. I used it in my dip and it gave a good flavor. Gonna buy again.

Great for loosing weight and reducing blood sugar levels

Was advised to use it by my family doctor who is from India. I am 68 year old man. In 6 months I easily lost 10 pounds and my A1C blood sugar index dropped from 6.7 to 6.1. Take a teaspoon every morning with coffee. To neutralize the taste I add Stevia package and no fat no sugar coffee creamer. My diet and exercise routine stayed the same during those 6 months. Amla was the only new factor with very positive impact. Highly recommended as the strongest antioxidant and metabolic.