Instant Chilla Mix

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    • Quick Preparation: Instant Chilla Mix allows for fast and easy chilla (pancake) preparation, saving time in the kitchen.
    • Versatile Base: The mix serves as a versatile base for creating a variety of chilla flavors, such as plain, savory, or sweet, by adding different ingredients.
    • Consistent Results: Provides a reliable and consistent texture and taste, ensuring a delightful chilla experience every time.Instant Chilla Mix allows for fast and easy chilla (pancake) preparation, saving time in the kitchen.
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Introducing our Instant Chilla Mix, the ultimate solution for a quick and flavorful meal. Whether you're a busy professional, a student on the go, or a culinary enthusiast looking for a convenient yet authentic option, our Instant Chilla Mix is your answer. This versatile mix allows you to whip up savory Indian pancakes effortlessly, bringing the taste of traditional chillas right into your kitchen.

Why Choose Instant Chilla Mix?

  1. Time-Saving Convenience: With our Instant Chilla Mix, you can enjoy a savory and nutritious meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Perfect for busy mornings, lazy brunches, or quick snacks, this mix ensures you have a tasty option ready quickly.
  2. Customizable Creations: The beauty of our Instant Chilla Mix lies in its versatility. Use it as a base and get creative! Add your favorite vegetables, herbs, or cheese to personalize your chillas and create a variety of flavors to suit your mood.
  3. Authentic Taste, Every Time: We've carefully crafted our Instant Chilla Mix to capture the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine. The blend of spices and ingredients ensures that each bite is a delightful experience reminiscent of homemade chillas.
  4. Wholesome and Nutritious: We believe in offering not just convenience but also nutrition. Our Instant Chilla Mix is rich in essential nutrients, making it a satisfying and wholesome choice for a balanced meal that caters to your taste buds and well-being.

Embrace the simplicity of our Instant Chilla Mix and elevate your mealtime experience. Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, our mix allows you to savor the flavors of homemade chillas without the fuss. Make every meal a delightful journey into the heart of Indian culinary tradition with our Instant Chilla Mix.

Product details

Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer / Packer / Importer : Linkers
Address: B-48, Second Floor, Rama Rd, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area, New Delhi 110015
Net Quantity: 200g
Item Dimensions LxWxH:  (10.5 x 6.5 x 21)
MRP (Rs):  399

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