Ambrette Seed Oil

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    Ambrette Seed Oil: Scented Serenity

    • Uplifts Mood
    • Releases Stress
    • Supports Healing
    • Revitalizes Skin
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Experience the enchanting allure of Ambrette Seed Oil, a high-quality natural ingredient renowned for its sweet, rich, warm, powdery, musky, and nutty aroma. With its resemblance to the Deer Musk note, this oil is a perfect choice for creating Deer Musk macerations or adding a captivating Musk note to your blend. Widely used as a fixative in premium fragrance formulations, it imparts a strong and distinctive characteristic. Delight in the smoother scent of Ambrette Seed Oil compared to synthetic musk compounds. Embrace its calming and mood-boosting properties, cherished by aromatherapists. This medium-viscosity, pale yellow oil is your gateway to luxury and tranquility.

Captivating Musk-like Aroma:

Experience the sweet, rich, warm, powdery, musky, and nutty fragrance reminiscent of the Deer Musk note.

Ideal for Perfumery:

Perfect for Deer Musk macerations and blending, this oil adds a strong and characteristic note to high-quality fragrances.

Natural Fixative:

Enhance the longevity and depth of your fragrance formulations with Ambrette Seed Oil's exceptional fixative properties.

Calming and Mood-Boosting:

Aromatherapists recommend this oil to soothe and uplift moods, providing relief from anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Harness the grounding properties of Ambrette Seed Oil to alleviate cramps, muscular aches, poor circulation, and digestive discomfort.

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