Angelica Oil

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    Angelica Oil: Nature’s Touch Of Healing

    • Helps to Relief Cough
    • Gives Emotional Stability
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The natural healing properties of Angelica Oil is extracted through steam distillation from the dried roots of the angelica plant, this undiluted essential oil offers a range of benefits. To ensure safe application, it is recommended to combine with a base or carrier oil. Angelica Root Oil is known for its effectiveness in easing coughs, particularly wet coughs. Inhale the soothing steam by adding a few drops to a bowl of steaming water, providing relief from cold and cough symptoms. With its earthy aroma reminiscent of ancient forests, Angelica essential oil promotes emotional balance, reducing anxiety, fear, and instability.

Soothing Cough Relief:

Angelica Root Oil effectively eases coughs, especially wet coughs.

Steam Inhalation:

Add a few drops to steaming water and inhale the fragrant steam for natural relief from cold and cough symptoms.

Earthy Aroma:

The scent of Angelica essential oil evokes the essence and serenity of ancient forests.

Emotional Balance: 

Experience a sense of calm and stability as Angelica essential oil helps release negative feelings from traumatic experiences.

Versatile Application:

Combine with a base or carrier oil for safe topical use and enjoy the many benefits of Angelica Oil.

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