Ho Wood Oil

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    Nurture Your Soul with Ho Wood's Natural Essence

    • Helps Improve Sleep Quality
    • Supports Respiratory Health
    • Healthy Hair and Scalp
    • Soothing & Calming Properties
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The essential oil known as Ho Wood oil, also known as Cinnamomum camphora oil or Shiu oil, is created by steam distilling the wood of the Ho Wood tree. Native to East Asia, the Ho Wood tree is most common in China and Taiwan. Among other things, Howood oil is highly prized for its delightful and calming scent, which is similar to rosewood oil.


Due to its balancing and calming effects, Ho Wood oil is frequently used in aromatherapy. Its aroma is compared to rosewood oil and is described as floral, woody, and sweet. The oil is frequently applied to foster calmness, lessen stress, and foster a peaceful environment. To promote emotional well-being, it can be diffused, added to massage oils, or used in custom fragrance blends.


Ho wood oil benefits the skin. It has nourishing and moisturizing qualities that can improve the tone and texture of the skin. In order to hydrate the skin and support a healthy skin tone, wood oil is frequently used in skin care products like creams, lotions, and serums. It is thought to have calming qualities that can soothe sensitive or irritated skin.

Massage and Body Care:

Ho wood oil is frequently used in massage therapy and body care products because of its calming and relaxing effects. It can be combined with carrier oils to make massage blends that reduce stress, relax the body, and ease muscle tension.

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