Hyssop Oil

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    Cleansing Clarity: Purify Your Mind and Space

    • Treats hair fall issues
    • Cleanses and tones the skin
    • Has antibacterial and astringent characteristics
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The essential oil of hyssop oil is obtained from the Hyssopus officinalis plant. It has a long history of usage in traditional medicine and is prized for its medicinal and fragrant effects. 

Hair care:

Hyssop oil treats hair fall issues. To increase hair growth, dilute this oil with coconut or olive oil.

Skin Care:

Hyssop oil is used in skincare products due to its skin benefits. It has antibacterial and astringent characteristics that may cleanse and tone the skin. Topical treatments for oily or acne-prone skin may contain hyssop oil.

Spiritual and Ritual Use:

Hyssop has long been associated with spiritual and ritual practices. Hyssop branches or oil were employed in purification rites or as a symbol of cleanliness and protection in various civilizations. 

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