Kapoor Kachari Essential Oil

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    Experience the Magic of Kapoor Kachari's Natural Bliss

    • Natural Stress Relief
    • Inflammation Management
    • Skincare Benefits
    • Respiratory Health Support
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The rhizomes of the Kapoor Kachari plant, scientifically known as Hedychium spicatum, are the source of Kapoor Kachari Essential Oil. This plant, indigenous to the Himalayan region, is highly prized for both its aromatic qualities and historical medicinal applications. It has healing qualities and is used to make soap, candles, and fragrances.


In traditional skincare formulas, Kapoor Kachari essential oil is used. It's thought to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help skin general health. The oil might help lessen skin rashes, encourage clearer complexions, and support skin renewal. Natural skincare products like creams, lotions, and soaps contain Kapoor Kachari Essential Oil.

Hair Care:

Due to its potential advantages for the hair and scalp, Kapoor Kachari Essential Oil is also utilized in hair care products. It might hydrate the scalp, encourage hair growth, and enhance hair health. To support healthy and shiny hair, the oil can be added to shampoos, conditioners, or hair oils.

How To Use Kapoor Kachari Oil?

Before applying Kapoor Kachari Oil to the skin, dilute it with one tablespoon of carrier oil by 3–4 drops. Before using it on larger areas of the skin, perform a patch test. Applying oil directly to the skin or scalp is NOT advised.

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