Lily Essential Oil

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    Timeless Beauty, Captured in a Fragrance

    • Has moisturizing and calming properties
    • Protects against dry skin and skin cracks
    • Fosters a calming environment
    • Promotes calmness, lessens stress
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The term "lily oil" refers to an essential oil made from the flowers of the Lilium (genus) Lily plant. Because of its pleasant scent, lily oil is used in cosmetics, aromatherapy, and perfumes. Lily oil has a strong floral aroma that is sweet, delicate, and just a bit spicy. It is prized for its soothing and calming qualities and has therapeutic advantages. 


The moisturizing and calming properties of the oil help to protect against dry skin and skin cracks. It can be applied to the entire body, including the face, to promote healthy, moisturized skin.


Lily oil promotes calmness, lessens stress, and fosters a calming environment. Diffusers, massage oils, and bath products contain lily oil.


Due to its appealing scent, lily oil is a common component in perfumes and fragrances. It improves the fragrance's overall composition by adding a floral note.


Additionally, lily oil is used in shampoos and conditioners to add a pleasing scent and hydrate the hair and scalp.

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