Ravintsara Oil

About this item

    Ravintsara Oil is your natural defense against everyday challenges

    • Antimicrobial and soothing properties
    • Therapeutic properties
    • Skin-nourishing properties
    • Anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties
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Ravintsara oil is extracted from the Madagascar Cinnamomum camphora leaves. Ravintsara essential oil promotes respiratory health. It treats colds and coughs. Eucalyptol relieves chest congestion and stuffiness. It promotes relaxation and calmness.


Ravintsara oil may benefit the skin. Because of its antimicrobial and soothing properties, it is sometimes used in skincare products. To promote a clear complexion and support skin health, add oil to creams, lotions, or facial oils.


Because of its fresh, uplifting scent and potential therapeutic properties, Ravintsara oil is highly valued in aromatherapy. It is well-known for its clarifying and stimulating aroma, which can increase alertness and mental focus. Because of its aromatic properties, the oil is commonly used in diffusers, inhalers, and massage blends.

How Should You Use Ravintsara Essential Oil?

Ravintsara oil can relax your muscles and relieve joint pain. However, this oil should only be used after a dilution. You must dilute Ravintsara oil with carrier oil before using it. This supplement can help with a cold or cough. Massage it into your skin for relaxation and stress relief.

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