Spruce Oil

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    Nature's breath of fresh air for Balance and Harmony!

    • Promotes relaxation & reduces stress
    • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Multi-purpose application
    • Respiratory support
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Spruce oil is an essential oil derived from the needles, twigs, and cones of various spruce tree species, most commonly those of the Picea genus. It has a fresh, woody aroma and therapeutic properties. Spruce oil soothes the skin and moisturizes dry skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. It nourishes the hair follicles and restores lost nutrients to the scalp. To experience hair growth, one can create a blend. Because of its calming aroma, spruce leaf oil is ideal for meditation (if diffused).


Because of its grounding and calming properties, spruce oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and improves mood. Spruce oil can create a sense of calm and promote a peaceful environment.

Musculoskeletal support:

Spruce oil has been studied for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be applied topically to massage and soothe sore muscles, joints, and ligaments. This makes it a popular choice for people looking for temporary relief from minor aches and pains.

Emotional support:

Spruce oil is frequently used for emotional support because it helps balance emotions and reduce anxiety, tension, and nervousness. It can be used in diffusers, personal inhalers, or topical as part of relaxation or meditation practices.

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