Verbena Oil

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    Nourishing Nature's Elixir for Vibrant Vitality

    • Alleviate tension headaches
    • Potential antimicrobial properties
    • Elevate mood & boost emotional well-being
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The verbena plant, also called lemon verbena or Aloysia citrodora, yields verbena oil, an essential oil. It is produced by steam-distilled plant leaves and flowering tops. Verbena oil strengthens hair and stimulates growth and is frequently used in hair care products. Verbena oil's fragrance makes it suitable for use in perfumes, diffusers, massage oils, and numerous other cosmetic products. Verbena oil works wonders when mixed with carrier oils and applied topically to various body parts. 


Due to its astringent and antiseptic qualities, verbena oil is a common ingredient in skincare products. It supports healthy skin, reduces inflammation, and tightens it.

Other Benefits:

The naturally high antioxidant levels of verbena oil make it a fantastic ingredient in muscle-soothing products. Using Verbena oil can ease the pain and tension of aching muscles. Thus, a carrier oil is used to dilute the oil before it is applied topically to the affected skin. It can be used as a diffuser, perfume, scented candles, cleaning products, hair care, bath bombs, soaps, bath, massage, and home care products. Verbena oil boosts mood and is effective in diffuser therapy. Combined with coconut oil and jojoba oil, Verbena oil works wonders for your hair, skin, and psychological stress.

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