Wintergreen Oil

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    Escape to Wintergreen, Your Aromatic Journey to Cooling Serenity

    • Antimicrobial Action
    • Natural Pain Relief
    • Provides relief from inflammatory conditions
    • Aid in easing muscle tension
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The wintergreen plant, officially known as Gaultheria procumbens, produces wintergreen oil, an essential oil. It smells strong, minty, and energizing, like wintergreen candies. Methyl salicylate, a substance found in wintergreen oil, gives it its distinctive scent and many medicinal benefits. Wintergreen essential oil reduces joint and bone pain and relieves skin problems. 

Masking unpleasant odors:

Wintergreen oil's potent aroma can cover up offensive smells in personal care products, household cleaners, and even some medications.


Wintergreen oil has anti-inflammatory qualities because it contains methyl salicylates. It can lower swelling and inflammation brought on by ailments like gout, arthritis, and minor skin irritations.

How to use wintergreen oil?

Their natural antiseptic and astringent properties make scars, blemishes, and skin issues less obvious. It also lessens acne. To clear acne and soothe itchy skin, mix one to two drops of this oil into your regular face wash or jojoba oil. Furthermore, it prevents dandruff, grease, and bacteria. Two to three drops of organic wintergreen oil can be added to your shampoo or mixed with coconut oil and massaged into your scalp and hair on alternate days.

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