Croton Oil

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    Unlocking Croton Oil's Healing Capabilities under Expert Care

    • Extracted from the Croton tiglium Linn
    • Shows purgative effects
    • Shouldn't be used without medical supervision
    • Known for its therapeutic properties
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Croton oil, derived from the seeds of the Croton tiglium plant, is a potent oil known for its medicinal properties. It has historically been used for its purgative and irritant effects. However, it is important to note that Croton oil is highly toxic and should not be used without proper medical supervision.

Medicinal Uses

Croton oil has been historically used for its purgative effects. It has also been used as a topical irritant for certain skin conditions, although this practice is now uncommon. 

Toxicity and Safety Concerns

Croton oil is highly toxic and should never be used without medical supervision. Its powerful effects can lead to severe gastrointestinal reactions and skin irritation. It is crucial to avoid self-administration of Croton oil due to its potential risks.

Limited Contemporary Use

Due to its toxicity and associated risks, the use of roton oil in modern medicine is limited. Safer alternatives with similar therapeutic effects are available, making croton oil largely obsolete in current medical practices.

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