Organic Cinnamon bark

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    Organic Cinnamon Bark, Warmth and Wellness Combined Together

    • Helps Reducing Inflammation
    • Enhances Skin Tone
    • Boosts Metabolism and Helps in Digestion
    • Packed with Diverse Vitamins
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Organic Zing’s Cinnamon Bark is extracted from the true cinnamon tree or Ceylon cinnamon tree native to Sri Lanka and Southern India. The bark gives a mild and sweet aroma when added to dishes. It is used as a spice in savory dishes and can be used in sweet dishes or different beverages.

Key Features -

  • It is used as a spice and gives an aromatic scent and flavor to cakes, curries, cereals, breads, etc.
  • It can be added to soups and drinks to enhance the flavor.
  • It is packed with various vitamins and is a healthy choice.
  • Consuming cinnamon may help reduce inflammation, manage blood pressure, and enhance skin tone.
  • Cinnamon Bark is also known to boost your metabolism and prevent indigestion.

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